Our Story

Our motto is simple, we sell products that are disrupting the food marketplace and are creating a new "food revolution" in North America.

More than half of the calories in the standard American diet come from processed foods. A stat like that is a real punch to the gut. North Americans are heavily subsidizing the foods that we should be consuming less of (GMO corn/soy), which are the exact foods that are making us sick (directly and indirectly), polluting the water and our soil. Our company aims to help people tackle these challenges by providing simple plant based products that will heal the body.

Bojan Lazic, the CEO of Wildporcini grew up in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina in the southeastern part of Europe, He immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 2015 in where he runs his family business. As a child, Bojan grew up in the beautiful mountainside near the city of Sarajevo. The breathtaking landscape of Bosnia was a perfect environment for organic wild mushrooms to grow. The mountains in Bosnia grow over 100 different fungi species that grows in every inch of the beautiful intact wilderness - This is where Wildporcini was born.  Not long after, Bojan saw this as an opportunity to bring this homegrown mushrooms to North America - it was love at first sight.

Wildporcini is a family business that has been in business for over 20 years in Europe. It was created and operated by over four generations, which share the same passion since the early age, working on the same quest over and over again. Our facilities are still located on the family property in the mountains of Bosnia, a place which has mushroom picking history for over a century.

Our objective is to share part of the tradition of healthy, non-GMO, plant based food. We understand that health is priority in the lives of many families. When you try our product, you will be able to experience the smell of the pine forest where the mushroom was hand-picked, the sun and the wood that were used to dry it and preserve essence of our culture, the rich umami flavour of the natural organic product that will take you to another dimension of taste, as well as to visualize and be certain that what you have in your plate is THE King.

Bon Appetit !!!